[Comp-neuro] GENESIS 2.4 beta release and modeling tutorials

Dave Beeman dbeeman at Colorado.EDU
Wed Jul 23 01:15:39 CEST 2014

There is now a stable public beta release of GENESIS 2.4 available
on the web site for the GENESIS neural simulator. Although there have
been development releases of GENESIS 3, this is the first new release
of GENESIS 2 since the March 2006 release of GENESIS 2.3.

This new release was made necessary by the many improvements and user
contributions over the past few years, and the incorporation of new
objects for efficiently modeling synaptic plasticity in large networks
of realistic multicompartmental cells.  The final release will be in
November 2014.

There is also a new July 2014 version of the "Ultimate GENESIS
Tutorial Distribution", a complete self-paced GENESIS modeling course,
combined with GENESIS binary and source distributions and installation
instructions. It provides an easy way to get everything by downloading
a single package. This was prepared as course materials for the
tutorial "Constructing biologically realistic neuron and network
models with GENESIS" to be given on July 26th at CNS 2014.

These may be downloaded from the GENESIS 2 home page at

Those who wish to follow or contribute to the development of
the final release can get the latest versions at the github
repository: https://github.com/dbeeman/genesis-2.4beta-files

Dave Beeman

Prof. David Beeman, GENESIS Users Group
Dept. of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309
email: genesis at genesis-sim.org - dbeeman at colorado.edu
GENESIS 2 WWW site: http://genesis-sim.org/GENESIS/

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