[Comp-neuro] OCNS Workshop on Modeling of Neuron-Glia Interactions, Quebec City, July 30-31.

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Dear Sirs,
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Maurizio De Pitta'


Dear colleague,
we would like to bring at your attention the forthcoming OCNS workshop on
"Computational Methods and Modeling of Astrocyte Physiology and Neuron-Glia
Interactions". The workshop will take place in Quebec City (Canada) on July
30th-31st, following the main OCNS meeting.

The workshop brings together a representative pool of theoreticians
involved in modeling of several aspects of astrocyte physiology and
neuron-glia interactions, aiming at providing a rare and original occasion
to familiarize with the current state of research on the challenging topic
of the functional role of neuron-glia interactions.

Topics covered by this workshop include:

   1. -- Calcium signaling in astrocytes (from
   subcellular/compartmentalized to network levels);
   2. -- Neuron-glia interactions, regulation of synaptic transmission,
   plasticity and neuronal responses by astrocytes;
   3. -- Astrocyte role in homeostasis and neurotrasmitter clearance;
   4. -- Information processing by astrocytes.

For the detailed program and the list of speakers, you are kindly invited
to visit the workshop homepage:


We encourage you to share this mail with your colleagues and whoever could
be interested to attend our workshop.

Thanks for your attention.
Kind regards,

Maurizio De Pitta'
Hugues Berry

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Hugues Berry   - http://www.inrialpes.fr/Berry
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