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Francisco Pereira francisco.pereira at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 17:23:55 CEST 2014

A Research Specialist position is available in Matthew Botvinick's lab in
the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, in collaboration with Francisco
Pereira at Siemens Corporate Technology. This is a position within a team
participating in the IARPA Knowledge Representation in Neural Systems
program. The goal of the program is to develop models of how the brain
represents conceptual knowledge, and how that knowledge is used when
carrying out tasks like reading a sentence.  These models will be tested
using brain imaging data.

The main role in this position is as a programmer writing the code needed
to build such models, while also being involved in experiment design and
data analysis. Examples of tasks you might be asked to do:

- prepare text corpora for use in developing models
- implement evaluation tasks that the models developed will be benchmarked
- collect material from online resources and behavioral experiments
- prepare stimuli for brain imaging experiments or model building
- help in designing and carrying out brain imaging and behavioral
- analyze behavioral and brain imaging experimental data

It is an unusual position in that you will be gaining experience in both
machine learning and cognitive neuroscience. In addition to the core
research goals, we will also be delivering a concrete system to the funding
agency, and hence this will be a fast-paced project. You will be working
directly with the PIs and also graduate students and research scientists in
the team.

Essential qualifications are experience developing software in MATLAB or
Python (Perl is also useful), as well as an undergraduate degree in
computer science, biomedical engineering, cognitive neuroscience or a
related field. Preferred qualifications are knowledge in natural language
processing, machine learning, and collection, preprocessing and analysis of
brain imaging data (e.g. SPM, FSL or AFNI). The final candidate will be
required to pass a background check successfully.

This is a 1 year position, starting as soon as possible, with an additional
year possible contingent on funding availability and performance. To apply,
please go to


and use “Search Open Positions” with requisition number 1400452.

Please email francisco.pereira at gmail.com with any pre-application inquiries.
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