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Neural Computation - Contents -- Volume 26, Number 8 - August 1, 2014

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Bayesian Active Learning of Neural Firing Rate Maps With 
Transformed Gaussian Process Priors
Mijung Park, J. Patrick Weller, Gregory D. Horwitz, 
and Jonathan Pillow

How to Compress Sequential Memory Patterns Into 
Periodic Oscillations: General Reduction Rules
Kechen Zhang


The Competing Benefits of Noise and Heterogeneity in Neural Coding
Eric G Hunsberger, Matthew Scott, and Chris Eliasmith

Anatomical Constraints on Lateral Competition in 
Columnar Cortical Architectures
Dylan Richard Muir, Matthew Cook

ROC-Based Estimates of Neural-Behavioral Covariations 
Using Matched Filters
Kamal Farah, Jackson Smith, and Erik Cook

Tonically Balancing Intracortical Excitation and Inhibition by 
GABAergic Gliotransmission
Meihong Zheng, Takami Matsuo, Ai Miyamoto, and Osamu Hoshino

Information-theoretic Semi-supervised Metric Learning 
via Entropy Regularization
Gang Niu, Bo Dai, Makoto Yamada, and Masashi Sugiyama

Incremental Learning by Message Passing in Hierarchical Temporal Memory
Erik Mikael Rehn, Davide Maltoni


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