[Comp-neuro] PhD position, University of Genoa, Italy - 3D shape visual descriptors

Silvio P. Sabatini silvio.sabatini at unige.it
Tue Jul 1 09:04:47 CEST 2014

Applications are invited for one full-time PhD studentship (with 
scholarship) for a period of 3 years, starting Nov 2014, at “The 
Physical Structure of Perception and Computation” lab of the Department 
of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics, and System Engineering 
(DIBRIS), University of Genoa, Italy.

The proposed PhD research project will be focused on “Learning 
compositional visual representation of 3D shapes in vergent geometry”.

The goal is to derive a deep architecture for abstracting the 
statistically relevant information present in the disparity patterns 
obtained by binocular fixations. Starting from a neuromorphic early 
representation of 2D binocular disparity, the resulting 3D visual 
descriptors should be characterized by generalized perceptual constancy.

The project will provide the opportunity to work on neural modeling, 
visual psychophysics, computer vision, or a combination of them. 
Experimental, modeling, and theoretical approaches might be pursued with 
a different accent according to personal attitude.
Ongoing cooperation, at international level, with research groups of 
different disciplines, will ensure a highly interdisciplinary and 
stimulating environment.

Successful applicants will have at their disposal state-of-the-art sw 
and hw, 3D VR-AR experimental set-ups, a high precision 3D laser 
scanner, a large-scale CPU/GPU-based neuromorphic architecture for joint 
stereo and motion cortical representation, and an iCub 6dof binocular 
robot head.

Successful applicants would have a good honors degree in bioengineering, 
computer science, physics or related disciplines, strong interest in 
computational neuroscience, and an open mind for interdisciplinary research.

On-line application will be soon opening (deadline: August 30th, 2014 at 
12:00 noon (Italian time/CET))

Prospective students, please contact: Silvio Sabatini 
(silvio.sabatini at unige.it).

DIBRIS is a unique inter-school department of the University of Genoa, 
bridging together researchers from the former Science and Engineering 
Faculties. It offers an excellent multidisciplinary, interactive and 
collaborative research environment combining expertise in computer 
vision, computational neuroscience, neuromorphic computing, robotics and 

PSPC-Lab (www.pspc.unige.it), has a long-standing expertise in visual 
coding and multidimensional signal representation, robot perception and 
computer vision. In the last five years, the lab’s research activity 
focused on the analysis of the structural mechanisms of visuo-spatial 
cognition, responsible for orienting and interacting in the 3D space.

Silvio P. SABATINI, PhD                         [PSPC Research Group]
Professor of Bioengineering
DIBRIS - University of Genova     |  e_mail:silvio.sabatini at unige.it
Via Opera Pia, 11A                |  phone: +39 010 3532092/3532794
I-16145 Genova (ITALY)            |  fax:   +39 010 3532289/3536533

"Imagination is more important than knowledge..."   [Albert Einstein]

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