[Comp-neuro] a new review article on power law phenomena

Dimitrije Markovic markovic at th.physik.uni-frankfurt.de
Mon Jan 27 16:17:55 CET 2014

Dear Colleges,

we would like to bring your attention to the following
review article, which will appear shortly in Physics Reports:

"Power laws and Self-Organized Criticality in Theory and Nature"

by:  Dimitrije Marković and Claudius Gros.


In short, we present a comparative overview of distinct modeling
approaches together with a discussion of their potential relevance as
generative models for real-world phenomena. The complexity of physical
and biological scaling phenomena has been found to transcend the
explanatory power of individual paradigmatic concepts. The interaction
between theoretical development and experimental observations has been
very fruitful, leading to a series of novel concepts and insights. A
special section is devoted to an assessment of power-law scaling in the
neural activity.

Best wishes,
D. Marković and C. Gros

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