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The Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience publishes research articles on the mathematical modeling and analysis of all areas of neuroscience.  The current list of journal articles is available at http://www.mathematical-neuroscience.com/ :

Stabilization of Memory States by Stochastic Facilitating Synapses
Miller P

Analysis of a Scenario for Chaotic Quantal Slowing Down of Inspiration
Baesens C and MacKay RS

Mechanisms of Intermittent State Transitions in a Coupled Heterogeneous Oscillator Model of Epilepsy
Goodfellow M and Glendinning P

Analytical Insights on Theta-Gamma Coupled Neural Oscillators
Fontolan L, Krupa M, Hyafil A and Gutkin B

Gap Junctions, Dendrites and Resonances: A Recipe for Tuning Network Dynamics
Timofeeva Y, Coombes S and Michieletto D

All articles are Open Access.

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