[Comp-neuro] Brains, Minds and Machines Summer Course

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Thu Jan 9 04:08:34 CET 2014

Brains, Minds, and Machines. A Special Topics Course at MBL Woods Hole, MA

Directors: L. Mahadevan, Harvard University; and Tomaso Poggio, MIT

Course Date: May 29 – June 12, 2014
Application Deadline: February 14, 2014

This intensive two-week course will give advanced students a “deep end” introduction to
the problem of intelligence – how the brain produces intelligent behavior and how we
may be able to replicate intelligence in machines. Today’s AI technologies, such as
Watson and Siri, are impressive, but their domain specificity and reliance on vast
numbers of labeled examples are obvious limitations; few view this as brain-like or
human intelligence. The synergistic combination of cognitive science, neurobiology,
engineering, mathematics, and computer science holds the promise to build much more
robust and sophisticated algorithms implemented in intelligent machines. The goal of
this course is to help produce a community of leaders that is equally knowledgeable in
neuroscience, cognitive science, and computer science. The course is limited to 25

For more information, including the Application form, please visit:

Course Faculty will include:
Edward Boyden
Robert Desimone
Winrich Freiwald
Noah Goodman
Nancy Kanwisher
Boris Katz
Gabriel Kreiman
Ken Nakayama
Lorenzo Rosasco
Laura Schulz
Elizabeth Spelke
Joshua Tenenbaum
Shimon Ullman
Leslie Valiant
Patrick Winston
Alan Yuille

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