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Neural Computation - Contents -- Volume 26, Number 9 - September 1, 2014

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Continuous Closed-loop Decoder Adaptation With a Recursive 
Maximum Likelihood Algorithm Allows for Rapid 
Performance Acquisition in Brain-machine Interfaces
Siddharth Dangi, Suraj Gowda, Helene Moorman, Amy Orsborn, 
Kelvin So, Maryam Shanechi, and Jose Carmena 


Neuronal Spike Train Entropy Estimation by History Clustering
Nicholas Watters, and George Reeke 

Memory Nearly on a Spring: A Mean First Passage Time Approach to Memory Lifetimes
Terry Elliott 

Sparseness, Anti-Sparseness and Anything in Between: 
The Operating Point of a Neuron Determines Its Computational Repertoire
Terry Elliott 

Sequential Activity in Asymmetrically Coupled Winner-Take-All Circuits
Hesham Mostafa, Giacomo Indiveri 

Synchronization of Stochastic Competitive Neural Networks 
With Different Time Scales and Reaction-diffusion Terms
Yanchao Shi, Peiyong Zhu 

A Semiparametric Bayesian Model for Detecting Synchrony Among Multiple Neurons
Babak Shahbaba, Bo Zhou, Shiwei Lan, Hernando Ombao, David Moorman, and Sam Behseta 

A Bayesian Model of Polychronicity
Mira Guise, Alistair Knott, and Lubica Benuskova 

A Non-parametric Clustering Algorithm With a Quantile-based Likelihood Estimator
Hideitsu Hino, Noboru Murata 


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