[Comp-neuro] PostDoc opportunity in Distributed Neural Computation / Spatial Representation / Robotics at TU Munich

Jörg Conradt conradt at tum.de
Mon Oct 14 15:51:25 CEST 2013

Dear colleagues,

the research group on Neuroscientific System Theory (NST) at Technische Universität Munich (TUM) invites applications for a

                PostDoc in the EU FET project "GRIDMAP: from brains to technical implementation"

The project investigates the formation of grid cells in rodents and possible translations to unsupervised parallel processing computer architectures. The focus of the NST research group at TUM is on theoretical modeling and on distributed (robot based) implementations of processing algorithms. The ideal candidate has prior knowledge about neuronal spatial representations and a strong commitment/interest in (neuronal) parallel computing architectures, such as the SpiNNaker computing system.

The position is available immediately with flexible start date.
In exceptional cases applications for a PhD position will also be considered.

Project consortium: Edvard Moser, Trondheim; Richard Morris, Edinburgh; Alessandro Treves, Trieste, Jörg Conradt, Munich
The GRIDMAP project allows frequent exchange visits to the labs involved and provides further funding for conference travel.

EU FET Project web pages: http://www.ntnu.edu/kavli/gridmap
Research information about other projects at NST: http://www.nst.ei.tum.de/research/NST

Please send **concise** applications, including a 10-lines motivation, CV, and publication list, by email to Jorg Conradt: conradt at tum.de<mailto:conradt at tum.de>

Please forward to interested colleagues! Thank you!

Jörg Conradt

Jörg Conradt
Prof. of Neuroscientific System Theory      www.nst.ei.tum.de<http://www.nst.ei.tum.de/>
Cluster "Cognition for Technical Systems"   www.cotesys.org<http://www.cotesys.org/>
Institute of Automatic Control Engineering  www.lsr.ei.tum.de<http://www.lsr.ei.tum.de/>
Technische Universität München, Karlstr. 45, 80333 Munich, Germany
Tel: +49 89 289-26902, Fax: +49 89 289-26901, E-mail: conradt at tum.de<mailto:conradt at tum.de>

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