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Neural Computation - Contents -- Volume 25, Number 11 - November 1, 2013

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What Is the Limit of Redundancy Reduction With Divisive Normalization?
Fabian H. Sinz, Matthias Bethge

A Biological Gradient Descent for Prediction Through a Combination of 
STDP and Homeostatic Plasticity.
Mathieu Galtier, Gilles Wainrib

Formation and Regulation of Dynamic Patterns in Two-dimensional 
Spiking Neural Circuits with Spike-timing-dependent Plasticity
John Henry Charles Palmer, Pulin Gong

Encoding Binary Neural Codes in Networks of Threshold-linear Neurons
Carina Curto, Anda Degeratu, and Vladimir Itskov

Attention as Reward-driven Optimisation of Sensory Processing
Matthew Chalk, Iain Murray, and Peggy Series

Neuronal Assembly Dynamics in Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Scenarios
Renan Cipriano Moioli, Phil Husbands

Formal Modelling of Robot Behaviour With Learning
Ryan Kirwan, Alice Miller, Bernd Porr, and Paolo di Prodi

Towards Non-linear Local Reinforcement Learning Rules Through Neuroevolution
Vassilis Vassiliades, Chris Christodoulou

Online Learning of Single and Multi-Valued Functions with an 
Infinite Mixture of Linear Experts
Bruno Damas, Jose Santos-Victor


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