[Comp-neuro] New book: Selected Papers of Daniel Amit (1938–2007)

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World Scientific Publishing Company

edited by Nicolas Brunel (University of Chicago, Chicago, USA), Paolo
del Giudice (Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome, Italy), Stefano Fusi
(Columbia University, New York, USA), Giorgio Parisi (Università la
Sapienza, Rome, Italy), & Misha Tsodyks (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot,

This book provides a selection of papers of the late Daniel Amit
(1938–2007). Daniel Amit was a physicist who spent the last 22 years of
his life working on neural network models. He was one of the pioneers in
the field. The volume contains 21 papers, from the highly influential
1985 paper on the Hopfield model (published together with Hanoch
Gutfreund and Haim Sompolinsky), to his last (unpublished) manuscript.
Many of these papers are landmark papers in the field. The book also
provides a biography; an introduction on Daniel Amit's scientific career
before the Hopfield model; and introductions to each of the included
papers, written by their co-authors. This book will be of interest to
physicists, computational neuroscientists and neurobiologists.

Contents: Introduction; The Hopfield Model; A Network Counting Chimes;
Associative Memory Networks at Low Rates; Towards Networks of Spiking
Neurons; The Miyashita Correlations; Learning in Networks with Discrete
Synapses; The BBS Review; Dynamics of Networks of Spiking Neurons;
Electronic Implementations; Prospective Activity; Multi-Item Working
Memory; Learning with Spike-Driven Plastic Synapses; Familiarity
Recognition; Unpublished Manuscript.

Readership: Researchers in computational neuroscience and statistical

484pp 	   	Pub. date: Jan 2013

ISBN:   978-981-4383-65-3  	   	US$148 / £98

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