[Comp-neuro] PhD position, electrophysiology and optogenetics in Oldenburg, Germany

Hildebrandt, Jannis j.hildebrandt at ucl.ac.uk
Sun Mar 24 18:29:32 CET 2013

Dear list,
Please find enclosed the PhD position below and forward to anyone potentially interested.
All the best,
Jannis Hildebrandt

A PhD position is available in the cluster of excellence "hearing4all" at the university of Oldenburg.

The project aims to unravel the contribution of cortical inhibitory neurons to listening in noisy environments, using mice as a model system. The ultimate goal is to understand how the disfunction of inhibition could effect perception and eventually develop new tools for diagnosis.

Experimental work will combine training animals in listening task with optogentic manipulation and single unit recordings in freely moving animals. The project will benefit from collaborations within the cluster, making use of the wide spectrum of expertise in hearing research, including modelling of experimental results, human psychophysics and imaging.

More details on the position and how to apply can be found here:


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