[Comp-neuro] Postdocs with Italian connection sought for the Israeli ICOREs in Computer Algorithms and in Cognition

Alessandro Treves ale at sissa.it
Tue Mar 19 14:33:44 CET 2013

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy (MAE) has identified the recently
established Israeli Centers of Research Excellence (I-COREs) as outstanding
environments where early stage researchers could benefit from advanced
training while contributing to research and innovation in those Centers.
The first four I-COREs operate in key domains of great interest to Italian
research. MAE has therefore determined to fund postdoctoral fellowships,
that can be awarded to young researchers with some connection to Italy,
not solely to Italian citizens.

Calls are now open, with Deadline April 15, in particular for:

The I-CORE on Computer Algorithms http://www.icore-algo.org.il/

The I-CORE on Cognitive Science http://www.cognitionicore.org.il/

See http://www.itembassy.com/tel-aviv/ for further details and how to apply.
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