[Comp-neuro] Journal of Integrative Neuroscience Vol. 12 No. 1 (March 2013)

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Journal of Integrative Neuroscience


Volume 12, No. 1 (March) 2013


1.     Detection & resolution of drifting gratings by motion detectors  
in the fish retina.
           V. Maximov , E. Maximova, I. Damjanovic and P. Maximov

2.     Retinal ganglion cells of the accessory optic system: a reviw.
           I.I. Pushchin

3.     Spectral coding in auditory midbrain neurons.
           M.A. Egorova  and A.Akimov

4.     Visual input controls the functional activity of goldfish  
mauthner neuron through
          the reciprocal synaptic mechanism.
           D.A. Moshkov et al.

5.      Network activity of ‘mirror’ neurons in humans and animals  
depends on experience
           of the shown  actions performance.
           V.L. Ushakov

6.      Integrative framework of skin receptors activation:  
mechanoreceptors activity patterns
           versus “labeled lines”.
           S.A. Polevaya, A.V.Zeveke and E.D.Efes

7.      Modeling of interstitial branching of axonal networks.
           Y.Suleymanov, F.Gafarov and N.Khusnutdiinov

8.      Neurophysiological indicators of action quality at solving  
verbal and non-verbal tasks.
           E.K. Aydarkin, O.L. Kundupyan and J.L. Kundupyan

9.      Investigation of the neurophysiologic mechanism of complex  
arithmetic task decision
          in  addition and multiplication.
           E.K. Aydarkin and A.S. Fomina

10.    Distractor effect during initial stages of recognition depends  
on image properties under
           T.I. Koltunova and L.N. Podladchickova

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