[Comp-neuro] Summer School/Creative Workshop: Data Assimilation & Inverse Problems - From Weather Forecasting to Neuroscience

Ingo Bojak i.bojak at reading.ac.uk
Thu Mar 7 16:59:09 CET 2013

(Please note: the following workshop will happen just after the CNS*2013 
conference in Paris, and the University of Reading is about an hour of 
travel away from London Heathrow. So this could be an interesting detour 
if you are flying in from overseas to attend CNS*2013 anyhow. The 
workshop is focusing on methods and as the subtitle makes clear, 
neuroscientists are very welcome. - Ingo)


*Summer School/Creative Workshop*

  Data Assimilation & Inverse Problems

*From Weather Forecasting to Neuroscience *

July 22-26, 2013, University of Reading, United Kingdom

Data Assimilation is concerned with the reconstruction of the state of a 
dynamical system from measured data. It is usually employed in a cycled 
way, where data are used to correct or guide the dynamical system step 
by step, while forecasts are generated on a desired time grid. This is a 
key ingredient for important applications, for example for Numerical 
Weather Prediction (NWP) or predictions of Climate Change, but it is 
also increasingly employed in medical and industrial applications.

The Summer School and Creative Workshop on Data Assimilation and Inverse 
Problems at the University of Reading provides an introduction into the 
key concepts and techniques in the field both in algorithmic 
developments as well as important applications. In a framework which 
consists of introductory lectures by selected international experts in 
the field we aim to have time for mutual exchange and discussions in a 
relaxed and stimulating atmosphere at the green campus of the University 
of Reading.

*Lecturers* include: Steven Schiff, Dennis McLaughlin, Takemasa Miyoshi, 
Tijana Janjic-Pfander, Roland Potthast, Peter-Jan van Leeuwen, Sarah 
Dance, Jochen Broecker, Nancy Nichols, Ingo Bojak, Hendrik Reich, Africa 
*Local Organizers:* Africa Perianez, Etienne Roesch, Ingo Bojak, Roland 
Potthast, Kelly Sloan and Douglas Saddy

Time 	Monday 	Tuesday 	Wednesday 	Thursday 	Friday
	Special Lecture
Numerical Weather
Prediction I 	Discussion time/Poster 	Special Lecture 	Weak constraint 
	Special Lecture
Numerical Weather
Prediction II 	Discussion time/Poster 	Special Lecture 	Discussion 

	Coffee 	Coffee 	Coffee 	Coffee 	Coffee
11:00-11:45 	Lecture 1:
DA Introduction 	Lecture 3:
Variational DA I
3dVar and Stability 	Lecture 5:
Variational DA II:
Adjoints and 4dVar 	Lecture 7:
Ensemble Methods 	Lecture 9:
Particle Filters I
11:45-12:30 	Lecture 2:
Basics of
Inverse Problems 	Lecture 4:
Kalman Filter 	Lecture 6:
Covariances, Obs. and
Model Error 	Lecture 8:
Localization Techniques 	Lecture 10:
Particle Filters II

	Lunch 	Lunch 	Lunch 	Lunch 	Finish
14:00-14:45 	Discussion time/Poster 	Discussion time/Poster 	Special Lecture
Reservoir Modeling I 	Discussion time/Poster 	
14:45-15:30 	Discussion time/Poster 	Discussion time/Poster 	Special Lecture
Reservoir Modeling II 	Discussion time/Poster 	

	Coffee 	Coffee 	Coffee 	Coffee 	
16:15-17:00 	Special Lecture
Neuroscience I 	Exercise:
Coding Examples 	Discussion time/Poster 	Exercise:
Coding Examples 	
17:00-17:45 	Special Lecture
Neuroscience II 	Exercise:
Coding Examples 	Discussion time/Poster 	Exercise: Coding Examples
18:00 	Icebreaker 	
	Joint Dinner 	

Fee for Participants GBP 50,-. Lunches and Coffee will be provided. 
Please register before May 31st by email with Africa Perianez: 
a.perianez at pgr.reading.ac.uk <mailto:a.perianez at pgr.reading.ac.uk>. 
Poster contributions welcome, reserve space before May 31st!

For more infos see: PDF Flyer 

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