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Title: Postdoctoral Position at the SiNAPSE Institute, Singapore
Inquiries and applications are invited from highly productive, creative and ambitious young scientists for a postdoctoral fellowship in the recently launched the SiNAPSE Institute (www.sinapseinstitute.com<http://www.sinapseinstitute.com>) - a multidisplinary research Institute devoted to research on neurotechnologies, cognitive sciences, basic cellular/molecular neuroengineering, and translational and clinically motivated research at the National University of Singapore under the direction of Prof. Nitish Thakor (www.jhu.edu/nthakor<http://www.jhu.edu/nthakor>).

The main objectives of the research project are (but not limited to):
1.   Mathematical modeling of brain connectome,
2.   Mathematical modeling of neurological diseases, including spinal cord and brain injury, stroke and epilepsy
3.   Principled statistical models for merging different brain imaging modalities (EEG/MEG/fMRI/DTI/single-unit recordings/...),
For this project, the postdoctoral fellow is expected to interact with PIs at the SiNAPSE Institute (Profs Nitish Thakor, Angelo All, Anastasios Bezerianos, and Yen Shih-Cheng), as well as collaborators at Nanyang Technological University (Prof. Justin Dauwels and others).
Candidates with a PhD degree in Mathematics, Physics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Neurosciences or Neuroengineering with outstanding skills and credentials are invited to apply for appropriate positions in the Institute.
SiNAPSE will focus on breakthrough research and technologies, including advanced microscale or implantable neurotechnologies, neurorehabilitation, behavioral modulation through optogenetics, cognitive sciences, novel brain machine interface, and biologically inspired neuromorphic systems and robotics. The Institute will partner with major Universities in Asia, Europe and USA (including Johns Hopkins University, UCSD, MIT, and Berkeley in the USA, EPFL and Max Plank Institute in Europe, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Indian Institute of Technology in Asia) through collaborative and exchange programs. In Singapore, the Institute will partner and be funded by the major agencies: A*STAR, Defense Research and Technology Office (DRTech), the National University of Singapore, and the Nanyang Technological University.
The researchers will have access to impressive financial and physical resources, including noninvasive human and small animal experimental facilities, laboratory instrumentation, computing and imaging resources, and additional project-specific discretionary funding. SINAPSE will provide excellent work conditions (an environment about 20 collaborative PIs and more than 100 researchers in steady state). The salaries will be internationally competitive and commensurate with experience, and health insurance coverage as well as travel to international conferences will be included. Interested researchers and fellows should contact as soon as possible Prof. Nitish Thakor (sinapsedirector at gmail.com<mailto:sinapsedirector at gmail.com>) and Justin Dauwels (jdauwels at ntu.edu.sg<mailto:jdauwels at ntu.edu.sg>) sending a CV with two external references and a letter of accomplishments, motivation and career goals.
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