[Comp-neuro] ICCN 2013 online registration closes 7 June

Hans Liljenström Hans.Liljenstrom at slu.se
Wed Jun 5 18:16:32 CEST 2013

Please notice that 7 June is the last day for online registration for ICCN 2013 (International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics), to be held in Sigtuna, Sweden on 23-27 June. See www.agoraforbiosystems.org/ICCN2013<http://www.agoraforbiosystems.org/ICCN2013> for conference information.

Invited talks:

Fabio Babiloni:"Brain-computer interfaces for communication and control"

Yanchao Bi: "Semantics depends on left inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus and anterior thalamic radiation"

Steven Bressler: "Set-related neurocognitive networks and neurodynamic processing"

Walter J. Freeman: "How the olfactory system helps create knowledge from information"

Aike Guo: "To search remote root intelligence in Drosophila"

Riitta Hari: "Dynamics of human brain function from milliseconds to seconds"

John Hertz: "Mean field theory for network inference with hidden units"

Scott Kelso: "Multiscale coordination dynamics: From astrocyte~neuronal coupling to the human dynamic clamp"

Paul Rapp: "The integrated neuropsychiatric assessment system - A generic platform for cognitive neurodynamics"

Barry Richmond: "Connecting neuronal activity to behavior: finding out and interpreting what different brain regions contribute to reward seeking behavior"

James Wright: "Synchrony and synaptic self-organisation"

Yoko Yamaguchi: "Multi-scale synchronization of oscillations in the brain as dynamical linker between self and environment"

Welcome to register!

Hans Liljenstrom, conference chair

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