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Neural Computation - Contents -- Volume 25, Number 7 - July 1, 2013

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Learning Quadratic Receptive Fields From Neural Responses to Natural Stimuli
Gasper Tkacik, Kanaka Rajan, and Olivier Marre


Design and Analysis of Closed-loop Decoder Adaptation Algorithms for
Brain-machine Interfaces
Jose Carmena, Siddharth Dangi, Amy Orsborn, and Helene Moorman


Decorrelation by Recurrent Inhibition in Heterogeneous Neural Circuits
Alberto Bernacchia, Xiao-Jing Wang

Neutral Stability, Rate Propagation, and Critical Branching in Feedforward Networks
Natasha Cayco Gajic, Eric T. Shea-Brown

The Role of the Extracellular Conductivity Profiles in the Compartmental Models 
for Neurons: Particulars for Layer 5 Pyramidal Cells
Jorge Riera, Kai Wang, Herve Enjieu-Kadji, and Ryuta Kawashima

A Calcium-based Simple Model of Multiple Spike Interactions in
Spike-timing Dependent Plasticity
Takumi Uramoto, Hiroyuki Torikai

Identifying Functional Bases for Multidimensional Neural Computations
Tatyana Sharpee, Joel Kaardal, Jeffrey Fitzgerald, and Michael J. Berry II

Combinatorial Neural Codes From a Mathematical Coding Theory Perspective
Carina Curto, Vladimir Itskov, Katherine Morrison, Zachary Roth, and Judy L Walker

Multiple Spectral Kernel Learning and a Gaussian Complexity Computation
Nima Reyhani


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