[Comp-neuro] PhD-Position (salary E13/2) in Bremen, Germany: Neuronal mechanisms of rapid functional configuration

Udo Ernst udo at neuro.uni-bremen.de
Wed Jul 31 16:02:28 CEST 2013


Information processing in the brain is highly flexible and depends on 
various factors such as the current behavioural task, contextual 
information in the subjects' environment, and internal states of the 
brain. This flexibility allows our brain to rapidly configure different 
cognitive functions as required by the actual situation, and to 
reallocate limited neuronal resources to the most important 
computational processes. Our project aims at a comprehensive 
understanding of the neural mechanisms and cognitive strategies 
supporting functional configuration and task switching. Currently, there 
is one PhD position available in this project (starting date: October or 
November, duration 3 years):


Goal of this study is to investigate neural signatures and mechanisms of 
parallel functional configuration in multiple visual areas with 
massively parallel multielectrode recordings. The PhD student will 
conduct experiments on awake behaving macaque monkeys in collaboration 
with the group of Prof. Dr. Andreas Kreiter 
(http://www.brain.uni-bremen.de <http://www.brain.uni-bremen.de/>), and 
analyze the collected data. This includes familiarization and training 
of the monkeys, preparation of the experimental setup and recordings, 
implantation of the electrode arrays, and recording of the data under 
different visual perception tasks. He/she should be familiar with 
standard methods of data analysis, as well as with elementary concepts 
from machine learning and information theory. He or she should have a 
degree (master/diploma or equivalent) in natural sciences (e.g. Biology) 
with focus on experimental work (preferably Animal Physiology). Basic 
programming skills and interest in formal methods from Computational 
Neuroscience are required. We expect a high motivation for communicating 
and collaborating with the other subprojects in the group.

If you are interested, please send your application in English (or 
German) language, including your letter of motivation, CV, copies of 
school and university certificates (master/diploma or equivalent) until 
31st of August, 2013 to:



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