[Comp-neuro] Goettingen Comp Neuro School: final call for applications, deadline August 5th.

Maximilian Puelma Touzel mptouzel at nld.ds.mpg.de
Wed Jul 24 14:33:41 CEST 2013

      Final call for applications to the 11th summer course on

         COMPUTATIONAL NEUROSCIENCE in Göttingen, Germany

                  September 02rd - 06th, 2013

                  organized by  David Hofmann
                          Agostina Palmigiano
                     Maximilian Puelma-Touzel

The course provides graduate students and young researchers from all parts
of neuroscience with some working knowledge of theoretical and computational
methods in neuroscience and to acquaint them with recent developments in
these fields.

The course includes tutorials and lectures by the following researchers:

   * Nancy Kopell, Boston University, USA
      “Brain Rhythms: Mechanisms and Function"
   * Naftali Tishby, Hebrew University, Israel
      "Information, Control and Learning: Theory of Perception-Action
   * Moritz Helias, Juelich Research Institute, Germany
      "Correlated activity in recurrent neural networks"
   * Benjamin Lindner, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
   * Bernhard Nessler, Graz
      "Probabilistic inference and learning in spiking neuronal networks"

The course takes place at the Department of Nonlinear Dynamics of the
Max-Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen.

A course fee of 100 Euro includes participation in the tutorials, study
materials, and part of the social events. The number of participants is
limited to 30. The course language is English.

For further information and to apply please follow the link:

Application deadline is *August 5, 2013*

Best wishes and looking forward to seeing you in Göttingen,

Max Puelma Touzel (on behalf of the organizers)

Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization 
Fassberg 17, 37077 Goettingen, Germany
+49 551 5176 444 Office

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