[Comp-neuro] Postdoc position in the Bayesian Behavior lab at Northwestern University, Chicago

Konrad Kording kk at northwestern.edu
Mon Jul 22 15:55:45 CEST 2013

I am looking to hire a postdoc with a focus on machine
learning/Bayesian statistics. We apply these techniques to analyze
neural data and to build models of human behavior in a broad
collaboration with experimental groups. For example, we ask how to
simultaneously record from all neurons in the brain [1]  which
information specific neurons represent [2], predict which neuroscience
professors will be successful [3], analyze how neurons interact [4]
and how people are able to move despite their muscles constantly
changing [5].

In the lab I personally love the intellectual, stimulating, positive
interactions, the strong collaborators, and it helps to be in one of
the truly amazing cities.

The work requires a relatively high level of technical proficiency in
matlab/python and a certain level of mathematics.

If interested: send an email to Konrad Kording.

[1] Joshua I. Glaser, Bradley M. Zamft, Adam H. Marblestone, Jeffrey
R. Moffitt, Keith Tyo, Edward S. Boyden, George Church, Konrad P.
Kording, PLoS Comput Biol 2013
[2] Saliency and saccade encoding in the frontal eye field during
natural scene search, Fernandes HL, Stevenson IH, Phillips AN,
Segraves MA, Kording KP, Cerebral Cortex 2013
[3] Future impact: Predicting scientific success, D. E. Acuna, S.
Allesina, K. P. Kording Nature 2012
[4] Functional connectivity and tuning curves in populations of
simultaneously recorded neurons, IH Stevenson, BM London, ER Oby, NA
Sachs, J Reimer, B Englitz, SV David, SA, and Kording KP, PLoS
computational biology 2012
[5] Estimating the sources of motor errors for adaptation and
generalization, M Berniker, K Kording, Nature Neuroscience, 2008

Konrad Kording
773 - liberate
773 -5423728

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