[Comp-neuro] Computational Psychiatry 2013 22-23rd Oct 2013

Peter Dayan dayan at gatsby.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Jul 19 00:05:03 CEST 2013

Computational Psychiatry 2013 will take place October 22-23 2013 in the
Epic Hotel, Miami, Florida.

Computational psychiatry uses computational theories of cognition and
neuroscience with the goal of building computational models of mental
disease and injury.  The idea is that understanding mental function in
computational terms will provide deeper, more quantitative, insights
into the mechanistic underpinnings of normal and abnormal
cognition. Modern computational psychiatry draws on many areas across
the clinical and basic sciences and represents a truly
multi-disciplinary approach to mental dysfunction.

Talks and contributions from:

Steven Hyman

Meghana Bhatt
Pearl Chiu
Jon Cohen
Phllip Corlett
Nathaniel Daw
Peter Dayan
Peter Fonagy
Michael Frank
Jim Gold
Quentin Huys
Terry Lohrenz
Tiago Maia
Samuel McClure
Read Montague
Rosalyn Moran
Craig Ramey
Sharon Ramey
Allan Reiss
Jonathan Roiser
Daphna Shohamy
Klaas Stephan
Tor Wager

Plus space for contributed posters

Registration and full details at: http://computationalpsychiatry.org/

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