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NeuroMorpho Administrator nmadmin at gmu.edu
Wed Jan 30 00:53:19 CET 2013

*Version 5.5 of NeuroMorpho.Org was released on 15 January, 2013.

Twenty-six new data sets (872 reconstructions) have been added in this

The database now contains 8858 reconstructions from 108 labs.

Visit the What’s New page (http://neuromorpho.org/neuroMorpho/WIN.jsp) for
details on new data added in this release and other updates to the

Visit the new About page (http://neuromorpho.org/neuroMorpho/about.jsp) for
graphs of data trends and more.

Use the one-click option to view a random selection of neurons from the
database (http://neuromorpho.org/neuroMorpho/byRandom.jsp)

As always, we are thankful to the data contributors and the NeuroMorpho.Org
community for their continued support.

The NeuroMorpho.Org team*

Ruchi Parekh, Ph.D.
NeuroMorpho.Org Project Lead
Center for Neural Informatics, Structures, and Plasticity
Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study
MS2A1, George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030 (USA)

nmadmin at gmu.edu
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