[Comp-neuro] PhD positions in speech/signal processing/control theory at University of Memphis, USA

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Fully-funded Ph.D. positions available in speech/signal processing, neural networks, machine learning, and control theory

Multiple fully-funded Ph.D. positions are available at the Computational Intelligence Laboratory (CIL). The CIL is affiliated with the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (EECE) and the interdisciplinary Institute for Intelligent Systems (IIS). A Ph.D. student will work as a research assistant at CIL, funded by a prestigious U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, which will provide full financial support that includes tuition fees and a monthly stipend sufficient for a reasonable lifestyle in Memphis. Obtaining a Ph.D. typically requires 4-5 years.

Ph.D. students will work under the supervision of Dr. Bonny Banerjee. There will be the opportunity to collaborate with researchers at the School of Communication Sciences & Disorders, IIS, and the EECE department at the University of Memphis, as well as with researchers external to the university. 

Research will involve investigating computational approaches to answering fundamental questions in visual and auditory perception, such as, how do we learn the norms or invariances from saliencies or surprises in unstructured data. Our current focus is on developing a multilayered neural network model for learning invariances across multiple spatial and temporal abstractions. This research exists at the confluence of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive science, and computational neuroscience. The NSF grant funds research in applying this model for automatically tuning cochlear implants for the hearing impaired. Details are available in Dr. Banerjee’s website.

An ideal candidate will possess the following:
1. Background in and strong motivation to pursue research in speech/signal processing, neural networks, machine learning or control theory, with applications to interesting real world problems.
2. Masters degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, or in a related computational area. Exceptional candidates with a Bachelors degree will also be considered.
3. Strong mathematical and programming (Matlab) skills.
4. Some experience in research, such as, working on research projects, co-authoring journal/conference papers, etc.

Informal enquiries should be sent to Dr. Bonny Banerjee (BonnyBanerjee at yahoo.com). For formal application procedure, please visit the admissions webpage (see below).

Important Links:
Dr. Bonny Banerjee ’s research http://sites.google.com/site/bonnybanerjee1
University of Memphis http://www.memphis.edu
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering http://www.memphis.edu/eece
Institute for Intelligent Systems http://iis.memphis.edu
Admissions http://www.memphis.edu/admissions
Ph.D. degree requirements http://www.memphis.edu/gradcatalog/deg_req/doctoral.php
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