[Comp-neuro] Symposium on Rhythmic Dynamics and Cognition

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The Cognitive Rhythms Collaborative is please to present a symposium on
Rhythmic Dynamics and Cognition
June 4 and 5, 2013.   MIT 46-3002, Cambridge MA

The speakers and tentative titles are:

Peter Brown: "Basal ganglia beta: idling, blocking or maintaining the
status quo?"

Beth Buffalo: "Rhythmic neural activity and memory formation"

Pascal Fries: "Attentional selection and top-down signaling through
inter-areal beta-
and gamma-band synchronization"

Bob Knight:  "Oscillations and Human Prefrontal Cortex"

Fiona leBeau:  "Region specific differences in the generation and
modulation of fast network oscillations in the rodent prefrontal cortex in
vitro and in vivo"

Earl Miller: TBA

Rosalyn Moran: "Dynamic Causal Models to unpack the physiological
connectivity of
oscillatory brain networks".

Bijan Peseran: "Neuronal dynamics during coordination and decision..

Liam Paninski TBA

Astrid Prinz: "Recovery of rhythmic activity in a pattern-generating
circuit after injury"

Charlie Schroeder: TBA

Markus Siegel: TBA

Christa van Dort: "Optogenetic Activation of Cholinergic Neurons in the
PPT Induces REM Sleep"

Peter Uhlhaas: "Neural Oscillations in Schizophrenia: Perspectives from

Charles Wilson: "Frequency Tuning of Striatal Interneurons".

The symposium will include a session on data analysis, as well as a poster
session.  Registration is required, but there is no fee.
For more information, please see cogrhythms.bu.edu

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