[Comp-neuro] Open Source Brain workshop on cerebellar modelling

Padraig Gleeson p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Feb 27 11:59:49 CET 2013

Dear colleagues,

Announcing a workshop which will be the kick off meeting of the Open 
Source Brain initiative (http://www.opensourcebrain.org). This aims to 
create a public, open source repository of detailed neuron and network 
models from multiple brain regions and species, which can be 
collaboratively developed and contributed to by the whole community. The 
workshop will be held from May 13-15 in Alghero, Sardinia.

This initial workshop will concentrate on modelling of the cerebellum, 
and will bring together a number of modellers, experimentalists and 
software developers who are interested in producing a set of well 
tested, cross simulator cell and network models of the cerebellum. 
Modellers of other brain regions are also welcome and there will be 
tutorials and hands on sessions on the technologies behind OSB and 
collaborative model development.

The models on OSB are shared via public, open source repositories (e.g. 
at GitHub <https://github.com/OpenSourceBrain>), and can be submitted in 
any simulator format or modelling language, with the aim of converting 
the core physiological elements to simulator independent formats like 
NeuroML <http://www.neuroml.org/> and PyNN 
<http://neuralensemble.org/trac/PyNN>, to allow them to be 
simulated/analysed/visualised in the widest possible range of applications.

The meeting is free to attend, but registration is required (deadline 
April 15th). Please see 
http://www.opensourcebrain.org/projects/osb/wiki/Meetings for more details.

The OSB initiative is primarily supported by the Wellcome Trust.

*Confirmed speakers*
   Egidio D'Angelo
   Chris De Zeeuw
   Arnd Roth
   Angus Silver
   Volker Steuber

*Organising committee*
   Matteo Cantarelli
   Sharon Crook
   Padraig Gleeson
   Eugenio Piasini
   Angus Silver
   Sergio Solinas
   Irene Solinas


Padraig Gleeson
Room 321, Anatomy Building
Department of Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom

+44 207 679 3214
p.gleeson at ucl.ac.uk

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