[Comp-neuro] Two Neural Engineering Events @ Nottingham

Stephen Coombes stephen.coombes at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Feb 20 09:30:16 CET 2013

Dear all,

	There will be two major Neural Engineering Events @ Nottingham this year:

Nottingham Neural Engineering Workshop - http://www.neural-engineering.eu/induction2013/
April 15-26 2013
Primarily aimed at younger researchers
Application deadline March 1 2013

Neural Engineering Transformative Technologies: NETT 2013 - http://www.neural-engineering.eu/summerschool2013/index.html
July 1-6 2013
An International Conference
Application deadline May 3 2013

Numbers are limited at both events (each with a registration fee of £100).  Please be aware of the above deadlines if you are interested in attending.

Best Regards, Steve

Stephen Coombes
Professor of Applied Mathematics

School of Mathematical Sciences
Nottingham, UK

Tel:  0115 846 7836
Fax: 0115 951 3837

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