[Comp-neuro] Postdoctoral researcher ‘Mathematical & Computational Modelling for Multi-modal NeuroImaging data’ (1,0 fte)

Christian F. Beckmann beckmann at fmrib.ox.ac.uk
Sat Feb 16 10:10:41 CET 2013

Postdoctoral researcher ‘Mathematical & Computational Modelling for Multi-modal NeuroImaging data’ (1,0 fte)


The Statistical Imaging Neuroscience Group at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen (http://www.ru.nl/donders/research/theme-4-brain/research-groups/statistical-imaging/)
jointly with FMRIB and OHBA in Oxford has received a 5-year Wellcome Trust Strategic Award to develop Integrated Brain Imaging for Neuroscience Research and Clinical Practice.
We are looking for excellent researchers with a strong technical background, ideally in developing Neuroimaging Analysis Methods for FMRI and other modalities. Relevant experience in other areas of Engineering/Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Physics would be considered. 

The Position:

This post is to be filled by a postdoctoral researcher working on the goals of:
1) Computational modelling and inference of functional brain networks and connectivity from multi-modal neuroimaging data;
2) methodology development for data fusion using multi-modal exploratory analysis techniques like Linked-ICA;
3) Network modelling and inference that simultaneously utilizes information from multimodal data including FMRI, MEG and diffusion MRI.
The 5 Applicants leading the project are Smith, Jenkinson, Behrens (FMRIB), Woolrich (FMRIB & OHBA, Oxford MEG Centre) and Beckmann (Oxford, Twente & Donders, Netherlands).
This post will be supervised by Prof. Christian Beckmann at the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, with strong involvement with the FMRIB analysis group in Oxford (UK). In addition to the specific goals relating to this project, this post’s research will also interact with related goals in the ongoing NIH-funded Human Connectome Project, in which FMRIB is a major partner.
	• Carry out leading-edge theoretical research in the areas outlined above.
	• Implement theoretical research as practical proof-of-concept algorithms.
	• Evaluate and develop the algorithms with both simulated and real datasets.
	• Implement the final algorithms in robust, maintainable software linked to, or as part of, FSL.
	• Publish all of the above research and development in leading neuroimaging and image processing journals, and present at the major conferences.
	• Interact closely with all other group and project members and collaborators to promote the project goals as a whole.
As a candidate for the position you will you will be assessed on the basis of the following selection criteria:
	• BSc and PhD degrees (or equivalent) in a relevant technical area – most likely one of: Mathematical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Machine Learning, Physics, Statistics or Image Processing
	• Experience in relevant research areas
	• track record of high-quality reviewed journal publications
	• Strong experience in programming, ideally in both Matlab and C/C++
	• Strong written and oral English communication skills
	• Ability to work well work in a team, sharing technical know-how and ideas.
	• Experience in Medical Imaging (e.g. NeuroImaging) technical research
	• Experience in computational modelling of the brain
	• Experience in machine learning and statistical methods (e.g. Bayesian models, Independent Component Analysis, Multi-modal data fusion)
	• Capacity for independent research
The project will last up to 5 years; this post will in the first instance be offered for the first 3 years of the project, and could potentially be renewed. 
Depending on experience the gross salary will be between € 3.195 and € 4.374. 
On top of the monthly gross salaries two yearly 8% bonuses will be added (holiday and end-of-year).

The Host Institute:

The Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour consists of the Centre for Cognition, the Centre for Neuroscience and the Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging (DCCN). 

The mission of the Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging is to conduct cutting-edge fundamental research in neuroimaging methodology and cognitive neuroscience. Much of the rapid progress in this field is being driven by the development of complex neuro-imaging techniques for measuring activity in the human working brain - an area in which the Centre plays a leading role. The research themes cover central cognitive functions, such as perception, action, control, decision making, attention, memory, language, learning and plasticity, mathematical modelling of brain function and MR physics development.
The internationally renowned centre currently hosts more than 100 PhD students and post-docs from more than 20 different nationalities, offering a stimulating and multidisciplinary research environment. The centre is equipped with four MRI scanners (7T, 2x3T, 1.5T), a 275 channels MEG system, a EEG-TMS laboratory, several (MR-compatible) EEG systems, and high-performance computational facilities. English is the common language at the centre. You will work within the Statistical Imaging Neuroscience (SIN) group (http://www.ru.nl/donders/research/theme-4-brain/research-groups/statistical-imaging/)

The Application Process:

For informal enquiries please contact  Prof. Christian Beckmann (c.beckmann at donders.ru.nl)

You should submit an application letter defining your research interests, a CV, and the names of two persons who can provide references. 
It is Radboud University Nijmegen's policy to only accept applications by e-mail. Please send your application, stating vacancy number 30.02.13, to vacatures at dpo.ru.nl, for the attention of Prof. Christian Beckmann, before 3 March 2013. 
Recruitment will continue until a suitable candidate has been found.

For more information on the application procedure: +31 24 3611173 

Christian F. Beckmann, DPhil 
Professor for Neuroimaging Analysis | MIRA Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine | University of Twente | The Netherlands   
Principal Investigator: Statistical Imaging Neuroscience | Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging | Radboud University Nijmegen  | The Netherlands
Senior Research Fellow | Oxford Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain (FMRIB) | University of Oxford | UK     
Hon. Senior Lecturer in MRI Methodology | Computational, Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience Lab (C3NL) | Imperial College London | UK

Mail: P.O. Box 9101 | NL-6500 HB Nijmegen | The Netherlands 
Visiting: Kapittelweg 29 | NL-6525 EN Nijmegen | The Netherlands 
Tel/Fax: +31 24 36 10880 / 10989 | e-mail: c.beckmann at donders.ru.nl

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