[Comp-neuro] Ikerbasque Research Fellow ("Tenure"). Methods in Neuroimaging, Bilbao (Spain)

Jesus Cortes jesus.m.cortes at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 11:57:32 CET 2013

Dear subscriber,

Subject: Ikerbasque Research Fellow  ("Tenure").  Methods in
Neuroimaging, Bilbao (Spain)

One position for an  "Ikerbasque Research Fellow" will be host by the
Group of Computational Neuroimaging in Biocruces.

More information about "Ikerbasque Research Fellow" at


More information about Biocruces


For applying, it is compulsory to have  a min of 24 months of
postdoctoral research in leading Institutions outside Spain.

Interested researchers must contact me before March 15th, 2013.
Feel free in contacting me for any further question or comment.
Provide a copy of an updated CV remarking best 5 publications.

Jesus M Cortes
Ikerbasque Research Professor
Biocruces Institute.

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