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Neural Computation - Contents -- Volume 26, Number 1 - January 1, 2014

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Neural Representation of Spatial Topology in the Rodent Hippocampus
Zhe Chen, Stephen N Gomperts, Jun Yamamoto, and Matthew A Wilson


Single Snippet Analysis for Detection of Post-Spike Effects
Sagi Perel, Andrew B. Schwartz, and Valerie Ventura

ParceLiNGAM: A Causal Ordering Method Robust Against Latent Confounders
Tatsuya Tashiro, Shohei Shimizu, Aapo Hyvarinen, and Takashi Washio

Information-Maximization Clustering Based on Squared-Loss Mutual Information
Masashi Sugiyama, Gang Niu, Makoto Yamada, Manabu Kimura, and Hirotaka Hachiya

Local Linear Approximation of the Jacobian Matrix Better Captures 
Phase Resetting of Neural Limit Cycle Oscillators
Sorinel A Oprisan

Learning With Convex Loss and Indefinite Kernels
Hongzhi Tong, Di-Rong Chen, and Fenghong Yang

High-Dimensional Feature Selection by Feature-Wise Kernelized Lasso
Makoto Yamada, Wittawat Jitkrittum, Leonid Sigal, Eric Xing, and Masashi Sugiyama

Blocked 3x2 Cross-validated T-test for Comparing Supervised Classification 
Learning Algorithms
Wang Yu, Wang Ruibo, Jia Huichen, and Li Jihong


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