[Comp-neuro] call for graduate students in cognitive neuroscience of sleep and memory

Sara C. Mednick smednick at ucr.edu
Mon Dec 2 04:25:31 CET 2013

The Sleep and Cognition (SaC) Lab of the Department of Psychology at the
University of California, Riverside is accepting applications for graduate
students to start in the Fall of 2014. Deadline for applications has been
extended to December 20th. Our lab is interested in a wide range of topics,
including the effect of sleep on memory, mechanisms of memory processing,
pharmacological manipulations of sleep and memory, aging, psychosocial and
social network effects of sleep on health. Minority candidates are
especially encouraged to apply. Please make inquires to Sara C.
Mednick *smednick at ucr.edu
<smednick at ucr.edu>*.
Lab website (beta)<https://sites.google.com/a/ucr.edu/sleepandcognitionlab/home-1>

Assistant Professor
University of California, Riverside
Department of Psychology
Sleep and Cognition Lab
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