[Comp-neuro] *Machine Learning jobs at Brain Corporation*

Eugene Izhikevich Eugene.Izhikevich at braincorporation.com
Sat Aug 31 03:45:16 CEST 2013

Brain Corporation has multiple openings for experts in machine learning and computer vision.

The experts will be exploring new methods of applying neuronal models for adaptive robotics.

The applicants must (1) be experts in machine learning, (2) have exceptionally strong programming skills, and (3) be willing to learn the neuroscience of vision and motor control. 

==10 Reasons to Join Brain Corporation==

1. Work on the most exciting scientific challenge of the century.
2. Outstanding team of computational neuroscientists, programmers, and engineers.
3. Industry-level salary, stock options, end-of-year bonuses.
4. Health, dental, and vision insurance.
5. Free breakfast and lunch at work; lots of healthy choices.
6. Free Android/iPhone for new employees; free gadgets twice per year.
7. Live 5 minutes from the Pacific Ocean; surf or dive any day of the year, and bike to work.
8. Bring your family to sunny San Diego, home to World Famous San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Legoland, Wild Animal Park, and an hour from Disneyland.
9. Family-friendly events, all-expense-paid holiday retreats, deep-sea fishing.
10. Attend conferences like CNS and NIPS.

Other Job opportunities at Brain Corporation are listed at 

Send your application materials to jobs at braincorporation.com

Dr. Eugene M. Izhikevich
Chairman & CEO
Brain Corporation
San Diego, California

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