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Dear Colleague,

The Allen Institute for Brain Science is embarking on a multiyear project to study neural computation and coding in the mouse cortex.  An integral part of this effort is the Modeling, Analysis, and Theory Group at the Institute, which presently has four openings for scientist positions focusing in the following areas of computational neuroscience:

*         Biophysical modeling of information processing in the cortex,

*         Detailed single-neuron and network modeling of the mouse visual cortex V1,

*         Modeling of short term synaptic plasticity at the cell type and network level,

*         Developing visualization and analysis systems for large-scale imaging data.

The first two scientists will employ realistic neuronal cell morphology, biophysical mechanisms, and connectivity to construct computer simulations ranging from single neurons to many thousands of cells in the mouse visual cortex, aiming to computationally recreate intracellular, transmembrane, and extracellular activity. The third position will primarily focus on constructing mathematical tools to parameterize synaptic plasticity models between specified cell types in the thalamo-cortical circuits and extend existing models if they fail to accurately describe the observed data. The fourth scientist will work toward developing semi- and fully-automated image reconstruction of neuron morphology of light and electron microscopy, providing crucial tools for the analysis of the massive amount of imaging data generated at the Allen Institute.  An overarching theme for all four positions will be close interaction with experimental teams at the Allen Institute in designing optimal protocols, analyzing their outcome, and deciphering functional implications of the mechanisms studied.

These positions are offered at the level of "Scientist I" and are typically filled by applicants within a few years of finishing their PhD thesis work.  We strongly encourage qualified individuals with PhD in relevant disciplines to apply.  To learn more about individual positions and to submit applications, please visit our web site, http://www.alleninstitute.org/about_us/careers.html

Mike Hawrylycz, Ph.D., Director of Modeling, Analysis and Theory
Christof Koch, Ph. D., Chief Scientific Officer

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