[Comp-neuro] PhD position in Closed-loop technologies for neuroscience research

Pablo Varona pablo.varona at uam.es
Tue Aug 27 13:32:33 CEST 2013

Dear colleagues,

A four year doctoral position is available at the Biological 
Neurocomputation Group, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain. This 
position is related to the project "Stimulus-response closed-loops for 
multiscale and bidirectional interaction with the nervous system" 
(MINECO TIN2012-30883). The research will focus on assessing information 
processing in neural transient dynamics with closed-loop technologies. 
See references below.

The PhD position is funded by Spanish MINECO. Applicants should hold a 
Master's degree at the time of the formalization of the contract in one 
of the following (or related) disciplines: computer science, physics, 
biology, engineering  (graduation date not earlier than January 1st 2010).

Prior experience in the fields of electrophysiological recordings, EEG, 
neuroimaging, or computational neuroscience will be valuable. Enthusiasm 
for interdisciplinary research is required.

Interested candidates, please send CV to Dr Pablo Varona: 
pablo.varona at uam.es

Deadline for applications: September 9th, 2013.

Related references:

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  * R. Latorre, R. Levi, P. Varona. 2013. Transformation of
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  * D. Arroyo, P. Chamorro, J.M. Amigó, F.B. Rodríguez, P. Varona. 2013.
    Event detection, multimodality and non-stationarity: Ordinal
    patterns, a tool to rule them all? The European Physical Journal
    Special Topics 222(2): 457-472.


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