[Comp-neuro] Simulation of Adaptive Behavior 2014, Pre-announcement

John Hallam john at mmmi.sdu.dk
Fri Aug 23 21:07:21 CEST 2013

Key dates:

   Submission deadline          late-January 2014
   SAB2014 in Castellon         22-26th July 2014

The 2014 International Conference on the Simulation of Adaptive
Behavior will take place in Castellon, in easthern Spain, during the
last week of July 2014 under the Chairmanship of Angel P. del Pobil
and his colleagues.

The conference format will be as usual, and submissions on any of the
topics listed below[1] are encouraged.  A full Call for Papers will be
published very shortly, and the submission deadline for full papers
will be toward the end of January 2014.

John Hallam
SAB2014 General Chair

[1] List of standard SAB topics:

    The Animat approach
    Motor control
    Body and brain co-evolution
    Self-assembling and self-replication
    Sensory-motor coordination
    Action selection & behavioral sequencing
    Navigation and mapping
    Internal models and representation
    Evolution, development and learning
    Motivation and emotion
    Collective and social behavior
    Communication and language
    Emergent structures and behaviors
    Neural correlates of behavior
    Evolutionary and co-evolutionary approaches
    Autonomous, bio-inspired, and hybrid robotics
    Autonomous robotics
    Humanoid robotics
    Cgonitive developmental robotics
    Software agents and virtual creatures
    Applied adaptive behavior
    Animats in education
    Philosophical and psychological issues

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