[Comp-neuro] PhD Scholarships in Computational Neuroscience in Sydney, Australia

Klaus M. Stiefel stiefel at salk.edu
Thu Aug 15 01:44:23 CEST 2013

Dear All,

PhD scholarships are available at the MARCS Institute/University of 
Western Sydney, for work in computational neuroscience with Dr. Klaus M. 
Stiefel, Prof. Andre Van Schaik and Prof. Jonathan Tapson.

We are interested in a variety of topics, including cortical network 
dynamics, liquid state machines, oscillations, sensory coding, attention 
and neuromodulation. Details of potential research topics are here:

The MARCS institute is highly inter-disciplinary and collaborations with 
experimentalists (in vitro recordings, microneurography) and 
neuromorphic engineers are a possibility during these projects.

Sydney is a great place to live, and intellectually vibrant with several 
research universities in town. All those poisonous Australian animals 
kill relatively few students. The details of the scholarship and 
application process are described below:

*The MARCS Institute*

*PhD Scholarships—up to 5 scholarships available*

*The MARCS Institute *is a vibrant interdisciplinary research institute 
of the University of Western Sydney (UWS) situated on the Bankstown, 
Campbelltown, Kingswood and Parramatta Campuses with members and 
collaborators from many disciplines: Medicine, Neuroscience, Computer 
Science, Biomedical Engineering, Linguistics, Psychology, Music, and 
Communication Arts. MARCS research focuses on the explanation and 
enhancement of human-human and human-machine communication. Using 
behavioural, neuroscience and computational approaches, we conduct pure 
and applied research on perceptual, cognitive, creative and social 
skills from infancy to adulthood, in real and virtual worlds, and within 
normal, heightened (e.g., performing arts) and impaired (e.g., 
developmental delay, sensory loss) contexts.

*MARCS *invites applications from highly motivated graduates seeking to 
undertake a PhD in one of the five research programs. At MARCS there is 
a broad range of expertise, facilities and equipment, which affords the 
development of exciting interdisciplinary projects. Potential applicants 
are encouraged to contact Program Leaders to discuss their interests and 
to ensure their research proposal is relevant to one or more research 

*MARCS Research Programs and Leaders: *

*Bioelectronics and Neuroscience**: *Professor André van Schaik, 
a.vanschaik at uws.edu.au,

*Human-Machine Interaction**: *Professor Simeon Simoff, 
s.simoff at uws.edu.au,

*Multisensory Processing**: *Professor Chris Davis, chris.davis at uws.edu.au,

*Music Cognition and Action**: *Professor Kate Stevens, 
kj.stevens at uws.edu.au,

*Speech and Language**: *Professor Denis Burnham, d.burnham at uws.edu.au,**

*Essential Criteria *

Applicants should hold a First Class Honours degree, or equivalent 
qualifications and/or research experience (including research 
publications) in a field such as psychology, sensory neuroscience, 
cognitive neuroscience, cognitive science and technology, cognitive 
robotics, linguistics, psycholinguistics, music, creative arts, human 
movement science, computer science, informational and communication 
technology, biomedical engineering or physics.

International applicants must also demonstrate a high level of 
proficiency in the English language. Please refer to the University’s 
website for information about English Language Requirements.

*What does a Scholarship at MARCS provide? *All students receive:

· Support for conference attendance (domestic and international), 
fieldwork and additional costs as appropriate.

· Access to the extensive range of MARCS specialised equipment, 
laboratory space and facilities.

· A rich environment of support and academic expertise via supervisory 
panels, seminars, colloquia, international and industry collaborations.

*Domestic Students receive: *· Tax free stipend of up to $34,653 per 
annum for up to 3 years /and /a funded place in the doctoral program. 
*International Students receive: *

· Tax free stipend of up to $34,653 per annum for up to 3 years. · 
Outstanding students have the opportunity to apply for a waiver of 
tuition fees valued at around $24,000 per annum for up to 3 years.

· Up to $2,600 towards the cost of an Overseas Student Health Care Policy.

*To apply:*

Pleasesend your CV and contact Klaus M. Stiefel, André van Schaik or 
MARCS Institute Executive Officer Sonya O’Shanna: s.oshanna at uws.edu.au.


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