[Comp-neuro] Two postdoctoral positions open on motion integration by V1 population

Laurent Perrinet laurent.perrinet at univ-amu.fr
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Marseille (France)
Starting date
oct-dec 2012
2 years (1+1)
Net salary
ranges between ~1,800 Euros and 2,400 Euros per month, commensurate with experience.

Applications are invited for two postdoctoral positions at the "Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone" (team "Inference and Visual Behavior"), CNRS, Marseille (France) to study object motion integration and representation at the level of V1 populations:

One in physiology, with Frederic Chavane, will focus on the role of propagation and diffusion of activity at the level of neuronal population in V1 of awake monkeys (using Voltage-sensitive dye imaging and UTAH array recording). The applicant must have a PhD in Neuroscience and a strong background in programming (Matlab, Python). Experience in behaving animals or prior experience in visual physiology will be an advantage but is not mandatory.
The second in modeling, with Laurent Perrinet, will implement anisotropic diffusive processes, such as observed in V1, at the functional and neural levels. The applicant must have a PhD, prior experience in modeling and a strong background in mathematics & programming (Python). Experience or interest in visual processing and experimentation will be an advantage but is not mandatory.
The two applications are independent but the successful candidates will be encouraged to work in synergy. Applications should be sent to Frederic Chavane ( frederic.chavane at univ-amu.fr ) or Laurent Perrinet ( Laurent.Perrinet at univ-amu.fr ), and include a detailed CV including publication list, a brief statement about research interests, and contact information for 2 references. Applications will be considered until the position is filled. Informal inquiries can also be made at any time to the same e-mail addresses.

This grant is funded by a large European integrated project called "BrainScales" whose aim is to understand brain information processing at multiple spatial and temporal scales. The successful applicants will have the opportunity to interact with a large and exciting consortium composed of 18 europeans teams working in biology, modeling and hardware.

Our team just moved to a new Institute within an entirely renovated building at the medical campus of the Timone with brand-new animal, surgery and experimental facilities along with a high-performance computing cluster. The team is composed of 8 P.I., 7 Ph.D., 7 Post-Docs and 3 clinicians covering a large span of expertise in visual and visuo-motor processing, using psychophysics, neurophysiology and modeling approaches. Importantly, the Institute concentrates one of the largest expertise in behaving monkey in Europe with 8 P.I. working in vision, but also motor control and motivational processes.

Marseille is a major french town by the mediterranean sea with a lively atmosphere and cultural life.

Reynaud A., Masson G. S. and Chavane F. Dynamics of Local Input Normalization Result from Balanced Short- and Long-Range Intracortical Interactions in Area V1 Journal of Neuroscience, 2012, 32(36): 12558-12569
Reynaud A., Takerkart S, Masson G. S. and Chavane F. Linear model decomposition for voltage-sensitive dye imaging signals: Application in awake behaving monkey. Neuroimage, 2011, 54(2), 1196–1210
Perrinet, L. and Masson G. Motion-based prediction is sufficient to solve the aperture problem Neural Computation, 2012
Masson G. and Perrinet L. The behavioral receptive field underlying motion integration for primate tracking eye movements Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews, 2012.


Laurent Perrinet INT (UMR 7289) / CNRS - Aix-Marseille University

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