[Comp-neuro] two postdoc positions available

Alain Destexhe destexhe at unic.cnrs-gif.fr
Sun Sep 9 15:11:18 CEST 2012

Hi everyone,

We have two postdoc positions available in our laboratory at the
UNIC, related to theoretical and experimental study of magnetic
fields generated by neurons.  This is supported by a European
project called "Magnetrodes" and which consists of conceiving,
testing and modeling new microdevices (magnetrodes) to record
magnetic fields directly from neural tissue, and in some cases in
close proximity to neurons.  The device will be fabricated by a
laboratory in Saclay (Myriam Pannetier) and in Lisbon (Susana
Cardoso), and will be tested at the UNIC in vitro (cortical slices;
Thierry Bal) using patch-clamp experiments.  At the UNIC, we will
also model the results of the experiments (Alain Destexhe) to
obtain a characterization of the magnetic "generator" by neurons.
We will also study possible extensions to modeling the
magneto-encephalogram (MEG) signals.  Other partners of the project
are Pascal Fries (Frankfurt; in vivo testing) and Lauri Parkkonen
(Aalto, MEG).

We are looking for two postdocs (2 year contracts with possible
extension), one will be primarily involved in patch-clamp
experiments, and the other one will be involved in the modeling of
neuronal electromagnetic fields.  These two postdocs will interact
closely, and we will encourage candidates willing to participate to
both experiments and modeling.  One candidate should ideally be
physicist with strong background in electromagnetism theory, and
the other candidate should ideally be trained in electrophysiogy.

The Unité de Neuroscience, Information et Complexité (UNIC) is a
CNRS research unit (UPR 3293, Dir. Y. Frégnac) comprising 6
different laboratories, mixing experimental and theoretical
neuroscience.  The UNIC is part of the Alfred Fessard Neurobiology
Institute (INAF; Dir. P. Vernier), located in the CNRS campus of
Gif sur Yvette.  The CNRS Campus comprises about 2000 researchers
focusing on neuroscience, molecular biology, genetics and plant
biology, and is affiliated with several universities and
engineering schools in the Paris Region (Ecole Polytechnique,
Sup-Elec, Pierre & Marie Curie University Paris, University of
Orsay, Ecole Normale Superieure Paris).

Please contact

   Alain Destexhe  (destexhe at unic.cnrs-gif.fr)
   Thierry Bal     (bal at unic.cnrs-gif.fr)

   Unité de Neuroscience, Information et Complexité (UNIC),
   UPR 3293, CNRS,
   1 Avenue de la Terrasse (BAT 33),
   91198 Gif-sur-Yvette, France

   Tel: 33-1-69-82-34-35
   Fax: 33-1-69-82-34-27
   URL: http://cns.iaf.cnrs-gif.fr

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