[Comp-neuro] "Ramon y Cajal" Tenure Track program and "Juan de la Cierva" postdoc program

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Wed Oct 31 13:55:31 CET 2012

The Granada Neurophysics group
(http://ergodic.ugr.es/neurofisica/neurofisica.html) within the Institute
"Carlos I" for Theoretical and Computatinal Physics (http://ic1.ugr.es/)
is looking for suitable candidates interested to apply for the Spanish
"Ramon y Cajal" program to incorporate researchers in the Spanish research
institutions including the universities. In some sense it is similar to a
tenure track position program (assistant/associate professor level). In
case of success the candidate will be incorporated in our group at the
Granada University (we are looking candidates with research topics in the
frontier of biology, physics, neuroscience, biophysics, computational
etc. Experiementalists are also welcome).

The "Ramon y Cajal" program is very competitive so the suitable
candidates must have a strong scientific background with a large record of
high impact factor publications, and to have more than 4 year of
postdoctoral experience.

The application procedure started last October 29th 2012 and will finish
the next November 27th 2012

The gross salary  per year for the successful candidate will be 33.720 €.

All information is included in this pdf:

http://boe.es/boe/dias/2012/10/24/pdfs/BOE-A-2012-13213.pdf (sorry it is
in Spanish)

An official Spanish government web page in English follows


Only are eligible candidates that have obtained their Ph.D. after 01/01/2002

For people interested in a two-year postdoc in our lab there is also an
additional postdoc contract program "Juan de la Cierva" with deadline for
candidate application the next November 20th 2012. Please visit the link
below for further information:


Granada is a very pleasant city to live, with a well know university and
with many cultural events along the year. It is also one of the cheapest
cities to live in Spain. There also very interesting places to visit in
surroundings of the city including the highest mountains in Spain (the
Sierra Nevada mountain range) with a well known sky resort (which is
further south across Europe) very near to the city. Also Granada is just
30 miles far from the Mediterranean sea with very beautiful and pleasant

Concerning our group we constitute a theoretical and computational
neuroscience group at University of Granada. The group is formed for an
small number of researchers experts in theoretical physics, statistical
physics, neurophysics and computational neuroscience. Most of our recent
work is focused in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of neural
computational neuroscience, biophysics, theoretical biology, complex
networks applied to neuroscience, stochastic resonance phenomena in
biological systems, etc. For more details visit the page


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