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ICOVP-2013 Call for Abstracts for Mini-Symposium on "Neural-Oscillation and

We are delighted to announce that the upcoming 11th International
Conference on Vibration Problems, to be held in Lisbon, Portugal during
9-12 September, 2013 is now open to abstract submissions. You are invited
to submit your original and unpublished research work so as to be included
for its presentation in the conference in the Mini-Symposium entitled
“Neural-Oscillation and Cognition” within ICOVP-2013. Please register in
www.icovp.com and follow the instructions on the web.
All accepted full-length papers will be published in ICOVP-2013 Electronic
Proceedings. Some of the best selected papers will be published in special
sections of a premier journal “Journal of Sound and Vibration” (JSV)
printed by Elsevier.
Selected best papers of Mini-Symposium-11(Neural-Oscillation and
Cognition)will be published in a special issue of Journal of Integrative
Neuroscience(JIN)- an Interdisciplinary Journal published by Imperial
College Press having an Impact Factor 1.26 with Prof. Dr. Roman R.
Poznanski as the Editor-in- Chief.
The scope of this Mini-Symposium is as follows:
The major problem of cognitive neuroscience is to understand how our
behavioural processes are related to the workings of brain and nervous
systems. To understand the subjective mental processes in a meaningful and
quantitative way a new level of description is needed. Of late a trend has
emerged to study different forms of cognition in terms of their
neural-oscillation correlates. Questions have been raised whether the
combined and synchronous actions of nerve cells, glial cells and their
associated molecules can explain the underlying mechanism of cognition.
Although over the last decade some insight has been gained, especially with
advances in brain imaging, a unified interpretation, however, is very much
lacking. It is to be emphasized that experimental and numerical works are
mandatory for any scientific progress but it can reveal its full value only
when it is embedded within a conceptually sound theoretical frame work. The
aim of the session is to explore this possibility.
The areas include, but not limited to:
Electromagnetic-neurophysiological models of cognition, Neural correlates
of vision, perception, attention, memory, intention, recognition, decision
making, linguistics, reasoning, emotion,consciousness, Realistic neural
network dynamics, Quantum mechanical models of cognition, Brain imaging,
EEG,MEG, Neural computing, Cognitive function disorder

Important Dates:
31 January 2013: deadline for submission of abstract
15 February 2013: notification of acceptance
31 May 2013: deadline for full paper submission
We thank you for helping us attract quality papers and look forward to
working together to make it a successful conference.
For any further details and clarification, please visit the website:
With kind regards
Dr Kanad Ray, JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU) Jaipur, India
Organizer of MS:11(Neural Oscillation and Cognition)

Dr Kanad Ray
Associate Professor
Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)
JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU)
Laliya Ka Vas
P.O. Mahapura
Ajmer Road
JAIPUR - 302 026

Mobile: +91-9829142468
 <profbvbabu at gmail.com>Website: www.jklu.edu.in
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