[Comp-neuro] Program in Neural Computation at the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition in Pittsburgh

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Computational neuroscience brings many ideas and tools associated with
computation to the study of the nervous system. Major influences have come
from the success of biophysical models of neural activity, the enduring
appeal of the brain-as-computer metaphor, and the increasing prominence of
statistical and machine learning methods throughout science. Here in
Pittsburgh we have an exceptionally large and vibrant community of
neuroscientists who develop and/or apply cutting-edge computational methods
in their work.  We encourage qualified and motivated students to apply to
the graduate Program in Neural Computation sponsored by the Center for the
Neural Basis of Cognition.  The Program is jointly run through Carnegie
Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, and seeks to train high
caliber PhD students in the growing field of computational neuroscience.
Applicants seeking to merge experimental and computational training are
especially encouraged to apply.

Please see the following for more information


APPLICATION DEADLINE: Dec 1, 2012.  http://www.cnbc.cmu.edu/pnc

List of participating faculty:

Those whose expertise is primarily computational include:

Brent Doiron (Pitt, Mathematics)

Bill Eddy (CMU, Statistics and Machine Learning)

Bard Ermentrout (Pitt, Mathematics)

Chris Genovese (CMU, Statistics)

Satish Iyengar (Pitt, Statistics)

Rob Kass (CMU, CNBC, Statistics, and Machine Learning)

Pat Loughlin (Pitt, Bioengineering)

Tom Mitchell (CMU, Machine Learning)

Paul Munro (Pitt, Information Science and Telecommunications)

David Plaut (CMU, CNBC and Psychology)

Jonathan Rubin (Pitt, Mathematics)

Cosma Shalizi (CMU, Statistics)

Dave Touretzky (CMU, Computer Science)

Valérie Ventura (CMU, Statistics)

Byron Yu (CMU, Biomedical and Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Additional faculty whose expertise is both computational and experimental

John Anderson (CMU, Psychology and Computer Science)

Aaron Batista (Pitt, Bioengineering)

Steven Chase (CMU, CNBC and Biomedical Engineering)

Marlene Cohen (Pitt, Neuroscience)

Neeraj Gandhi (Pitt, Otolaryngology)

Charles Kemp (CMU, Psychology)

Seong-Gi Kim (Pitt, Radiology)

Tai Sing Lee (CMU, CNBC and Computer Science)

Anne-Marie Oswald (Pitt, Neuroscience)

Lynn Reder (CMU, Psychology)

Mark Redfern (Pitt, Bioengineering)

Andrew Schwartz (Pitt, Neurobiology)

Matthew Smith (Pitt, Ophthalmology)

Daniel Simons (Pitt, Neurobiology)

Michael Tarr (CMU, CNBC and Psychology)

Robert Turner (Pitt, Neurobiology)

Nathan Urban (CMU, CNBC and Biology)

Wei Wang (Pitt, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

Douglas Weber (Pitt, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

Brent Doiron, PhD
Assistant professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA, 15260
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