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Dear colleagues,

Sandia National Laboratories has a staff position open for a computational neuroscientist in our cognitive modeling department.   A portion of the full job posting is appended below.  To see more details and apply, search for Job ID  #641996 at www.sandia.gov/careers/ps-forward<http://www.sandia.gov/careers/ps-forward>


Brad Aimone
James Bradley Aimone, Ph.D.
Senior Member of Technical Staff
Cognitive Modeling Department
Sandia National Laboratories
Phone: (505) 284-3147  Fax: (505) 844-4728

Job Summary

We are seeking computational neuroscientists to join our interdisciplinary research program in developing multi-scale models of neural processes. We are particularly interested in the cellular and circuit level mechanisms underlying human cognitive functions such as learning, memory, decision-making, etc. Example research topics of interest include the development and validation of large-scale high-fidelity neural simulations, algorithmic understanding of neural circuits, neural basis of decision-making, neuromorphic computing, and methods for analysis of both real and simulated neural data.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate a strong background in neuroscience, and an understanding of relations between neuroscience, cognitive science, and computation. Successful staff members at Sandia are expected both to contribute to ongoing projects and to develop new lines of research with potential for application in solving complex problems. Job duties may include writing proposals, conducting research both independently and in teams, giving presentations, publishing in peer-reviewed journals, and contributing to program development. The positions are located at Sandia's Albuquerque, NM, USA site.

This job series typically applies integrated technical judgment--which requires using the scientific method to recognize and formulate problems, to collect data through observation and experimentation, and to formulate and test hypotheses--to anticipate, innovate, and deliver solutions to Sandia National Laboratories missions. Roots the work in the fundamentals of science and engineering while applying a deep understanding of engineering and scientific principles. Creates and applies scientific theories and laws and engineering methods used within scientific and engineering disciplines to develop or demonstrate new designs, concepts, materials, machines, products, processes, or systems. Uses physical and computational simulation, analysis, and evaluation as inherent activities of development. Plans, conducts, and executes Sandia's science and engineering programs within the spectrum of fundamental research, development, or demonstration.

Participates in the development and application of computational capabilities to solve problems in science and engineering. Applies methods and techniques that merge disciplines in science and engineering with computer science. Includes the research, development, deployment and in-depth technical support of general scientific and engineering application software and related tools.

Primary Job Duties

Plans, conceives, conducts, or manages research and development for Sandia's customers and sponsors.
Directs systematic study toward a fuller knowledge or understanding of the fundamental aspects of phenomena and of observable facts, and discovers new approaches to achieve goals.
Creates new understandings and capabilities by using the scientific method's hypothesis, test, and evaluation techniques; critical review; or similar engineering research and development methods.
Initiates, designs, develops, executes, and evaluates new processes, products, or systems through basic and applied research.
Uses engineering principles to research, design, or develop structures, instruments, machines, experiments, processes, systems, theories, or technologies; to construct or operate the same with full cognizance of their design; or to forecast their behavior under specific operating conditions.
Undertakes development and possible technology transfer of solutions, products, principles or technology.
Undertakes creative work, making systematic use of investigation or experimentation, to discover or revise knowledge of reality, and uses this knowledge to devise new applications.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Advanced technical degree or significant equivalent experience.
Technical knowledge and competencies appropriate to the position.
Thorough knowledge of and applied experience with scientific and engineering methods and with the discipline's standards for the ethical conduct of research.
Thorough knowledge of and experience with designing, planning, and executing research, design, and development projects.
Demonstrated knowledge of and experience with implementing Sandia policies affecting research, design, and development activities, projects, or initiatives.
Demonstrated ability to team across disciplines.


1. A Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, or related field.
2. Passion for applying fundamental neuroscience to develop theories of cognitive function that can be implemented and tested computationally.
3. Experience with neuroscience research methods and data analysis.
4. Strong publication record.
5. Excellent interpersonal, communication and writing skills.
6. Demonstrated ability to contribute to, form, and lead multidisciplinary teams.
7. Willingness to travel.
8. Ability to obtain and maintain a U.S. Department of Energy security clearance.


1. Laboratory experience in any of: electrophysiology, neural imaging, connectomics, pharmacological manipulations combined with measurement of neural activity. Experimental experience is preferred over clinical experience.
2. Demonstrated abilities in mathematical, physical, and computational modeling of neural or cognitive function.
3. Understanding of related domains, such as: physics, biochemistry, theory of computation, numerical analysis, brain inspired computing, high performance computing.

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