[Comp-neuro] NEST 2.0 released under GPL

Gewaltig Marc-Oliver marc-oliver.gewaltig at epfl.ch
Wed Oct 24 11:04:32 CEST 2012

Dear Colleagues,
Dear NEST users,

We are very happy to announce the final release of NEST 2.0.0. It
is available to you at


This version is the first to be released under the GNU General Public
License version 2 (or later), which replaces the old NEST license.

Thanks to your testing, discussions, feature requests and bug reports,
we were able to fix the a large number of bugs since release candidate 4.
In particular, we changed the following:

* New neuron models: ginzburg_neuron [1] and izhikevich [2]
* New function DataConnect to connect networks based on connectivity data
* New functions GetConnections, GetSynapseStatus and SetSynapseStatus to efficiently query connections
* Fixed regression that restricted the number of neurons connected
* Fixed numerical instabilities of the AdEx model
* Greatly optimized SLI interpreter
* Fixed build failure when compiling with GCC 4.6+
* Tests that use GSL now return success if NEST is compiled
  without GSL support
  to spike_detectors and music_out_proxys to 128
* Fixed typo in Topology User Manual
* Changed license from proprietary NEST License to GNU GPL v2 or later

A complete list of changes, also for previous versions, is available at
the extended changelog on our website at


For a list of features provided by NEST, see the feature list on our
website at


As always, send bug reports to bugs at nest-initiative.org<mailto:bugs at nest-initiative.org> or to the NEST
user mailing list.

On behalf of the NEST Initiative
Marc-Oliver Gewaltig, President

[1] Iris Ginzburg, Haim Sompolinsky. Theory of correlations in
  stochastic neural networks (1994). PRE 50(4) p. 3171
[2] Izhikevich, Simple Model of Spiking Neurons, IEEE Transactions on
  Neural Networks (2003) 14:1569-1572

Marc-Oliver Gewaltig
Quartier de l’innovation
Bâtiment J – 3ème étage
CH-1015 Lausanne - Switzerland
Tel. +41 21 6931866
Web: http://people.epfl.ch/marc-oliver.gewaltig

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