[Comp-neuro] Positions available with Cognitive Rhythms Collaborative

Nancy Kopell nk at math.bu.edu
Wed Oct 17 19:11:50 CEST 2012

Postdoctoral positions are available in the Cognitive Rhythms
Collaborative (CRC), an active, highly networked, NSF-sponsored group of
(mostly) Boston-based laboratories interested in brain dynamics.  Member
laboratories include over 30 research groups across Boston University,
Harvard, MIT, MGH, Brown, Tufts, Brandeis, and other universities. (See
http://cogrhythms.bu.edu for the list of affiliated faculty members and
research interests.) Selected applicants will work with multiple senior
members of the CRC on questions concerning the cellular and circuit
origins of brain rhythms, their uses in driving and modulating cognition
and brain functions, and relationship to pathology and treatment of
neurological and psychiatric illness. The CRC seeks excellent Ph.Ds with
training in modeling and/or the foundations of neural circuits and neural
data analysis.

Qualified candidates should have a strong mathematics/physics
background, preferentially with experience in dynamical systems,
stochastic processes, and/or new methodology for neural data analysis,
as well as programming experience. Experience in experimental
neuroscience or technology development may be relevant. The deadline
for completed applications is Dec. 15th. Interested candidates should
email a CV, statement of research interests, three letters of
recommendation, and if applicable, relevant publications to
xiaoshi at bu.edu.  Applications should be organized into a single .pdf
and include a listing of who will be sending letters of

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