[Comp-neuro] A Neuroscience Gateway for high performance computing

Ted Carnevale ted.carnevale at yale.edu
Sun Oct 14 03:56:28 CEST 2012

We are implementing a Neuroscience Gateway portal that will greatly
reduce administrative and technical barriers to the use of high
performance computing resources by computational neuroscientists.
This will make it much easier to carry out computationally intensive
tasks such as parameter space exploration, optimization, and simulation
of large scale networks with tools like as NEURON, GENESIS 3, MOOSE,
NEST, etc..  Come see our poster and live demonstrations on

Monday, October 15 between 2 and 5 PM
at the Neuroinformatics Framework booth (#3537)


Wednesday, October 17 between 1 and 5 PM
at poster presentation 928.18/GGG24
"A neuroscience gateway for high performance computing"
N.T. Carnevale, S. Sivagnanam, K.K. Yoshimoto, V. Astakhov,
A.E. Bandrowski, M.E. Martone, and A. Majumdar.

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