[Comp-neuro] Job: Post-Doc in Brain Networks at IMT Lucca

Sara Olson sara.olson at imtlucca.it
Tue Oct 2 12:13:36 CEST 2012

POST-DOC IN BRAIN NETWORKS AT IMT LUCCA (www.imtlucca.it). Deadline for
applications is October 26th 2012.

IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca invites applications for a
Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Brain Network Analysis, with specific emphasis
on the reconstruction of networks from time-signal analysis and the
detection of communities. Other than a PhD in NMR and international
experience in the field,  candidates must have an excellent record of
high-impact international publications and should demonstrate enthusiasm for
performing applied research in an interdisciplinary Research Unit. 

The appointed candidate will join the NATWORKS - Natural Networks research
unit (http://natworks.imtlucca.it/) and specifically the APrICor (Analysis
and Processing of Image Correlation) project. The project’s main objective
is the definition of a framework for the interpretation of dynamical,
multiparametric biomedical images based on advanced statistical analysis
methods. More specifically, it will explore the benefits of a
complex-network representation of spatially and temporally correlated
signals to extract topological features that may be informative of the
underlying dynamical processes. The project will establish and validate
biological correlates for these features, in order to make this framework
useful for biological and medical research purposes. Software tools based on
these concepts will be developed and integrated within a flexible platform
for image analysis that will be made available to the scientific community.

IMT Lucca is a public international Graduate School and Institute of
Technology that acts as a research university with the aim of forming human
capital in disciplines characterized by their high potential for concrete
applications. IMT strives to reach the fusion of theoretical comprehension
and practical relevance. 

For further information about the position and the online form, applicants
can refer to the website, or can contact pdf.calls at imtlucca.it. 

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