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Fri Jun 22 13:36:59 CEST 2012

PhD studentships           available from the PhD Program in Neuroscience 
              University of             Verona (Italy) - Graduate School of Sciences Engineering and             Medicine
The 2012 Call for Applications is now open!

Duration: 3 years
Available fellowships: 5
Additional positions: 5
Application deadline: August 24, 2012

 Prof. Michele Tinazzi
 Tel. 045 8124288 Fax 045 8027492
 michele.tinazzi at univr.it
 Detailed information: www.univr.it
 Università di Verona - Ufficio Comunicazione Grafica: tarcisio.solfa
 The 2012 Call for Applications is now open
 Google: verona school sciences engineering medicine

- Top-down influences on human performance
- Cognitive functions in movement disorders
- Inhibitory processes in selective attention
- Homeostasis of synaptic plasticity
- Synaptic competition
- Neuronal-immune interactions and sleep-wake regulation
- Inflammatory signalling and motor neuron degeneration
- Neuronal excitability and immune response
- Endocannabinoid system and neuronal plasticity
- Stem cells and experimental models of multiple sclerosis
- Proteomics, immunomics, and multiple sclerosis
- Neuroinflammatory signaling, neural-immune interactions
and neurodegeneration
- Regulation of sleep and wakefulness
- Neuronal survival and axonal regeneration
- Synapse formation and plasticity
- Neurocognitive mechanisms of visual selective attention
- The influence of rewards and punishments on cognitive
Applied Research:
- Alternative rehabilitation strategies in movement disorders
- Phenotypes and genetics of congenital
cerebellar malformations
- Deep-brain stimulation in movement disorders
- Nano-robotized intracranic endoscopy
- EEG-fMRI co-registration in epilepsy and stroke
- Neurodegenerative Dementias
- Prion Diseases
- Muscle disorders

Ilaria Sani, PhD
Department of Neurological, Neuropsychological,
Morphological and Movement Sciences.
Section of Physiology and Psychology, University of Verona

Support neuroscience research:
Strada Le Grazie 8, I-37134 Verona, Italy
Ph: +39-045-8027198
 fax: +39-045-80 27 279 
E-mail: ilaria.sani at univr.it

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