[Comp-neuro] Algorithms Researcher + Engineer at Vicarious Systems

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Sat Jun 2 11:22:05 CEST 2012

Algorithms Researcher + Engineer at Vicarious Systems

At Vicarious, our long term goal is to build machines that exceed human intelligence. Our first step is a vision system modeled after the human neocortex. We are well funded by Silicon Valley's top investors. We are passionate about changing the world with science and software, and we are looking for exceptional people to join us in that mission.

About the job

We are building a computer vision system based on insights from machine learning and neuroscience. Our underlying framework is a probabilistic graphical model that is inspired by the structure of the neocortex. You will join a small, tightly knit collective of extraordinary engineer scientists. Everyone works on our full stack, from algorithms to low level optimizations to GUI code and back.

As part of our team, you will...
- put your algorithm and math skills to work in solving the hardest problems in learning and inference in hierarchical models.
- make decisions about how to translate complex ideas to working solutions while keeping a keen eye for computation/accuracy/memory tradeoffs.
- design controlled experiments to show particular performance aspects of the systems and large scale experiments to show statistical robustness.
- write infrastructure software to scale our systems and data visualization routines to understand what is happening inside.
- document your inventions for patents and publications.
- keep yourself updated with advances in the field of machine learning and neuroscience.

The craftsmanship of building elegant algorithms and tight implementations are part of our company DNA. We work hard to maintain a codebase and a culture that are a joy to work in.

Desired skills and experience

- Preferred PhD or Masters in CS/EE or a related discipline or Masters in CS/EE with relevant research experience. We also consider exceptional applicants with other backgrounds.
- Experience building hierarchical vision systems and publishing relevant papers in CVPR/NIPS/ ICML is a big plus.
- Extensive programming skills, ideally in Python and C, and a track record of translating ideas into prototypes quickly.
- Solid fundamentals in linear algebra, probability theory, signal processing and optimization.
- Experience developing and testing ideas in a large scale setting.
- Experience with belief propagation and approximation methods.
- Knowledge of biologically inspired models of vision.
- Interest in neuroscience a plus.
- Knowledge of CUDA or OpenCL a plus.
- Experience working in an interpreted environment like MATLAB or Mathematica also a plus.

Desired personal qualities
- Integrity
- Ability to admit when wrong
- Altruism
- Fearlessness working outside your comfort zone
- Patience with others
- Described by others as the best researcher / engineer / thinker they know - Intellectual breadth
- Sense of humor

- Work on the most important problems in the field with a team who will challenge and support you.
- Generous salary and equity compensation.
- Health, dental, and vision insurance. We pay 100% of employee premiums and 50% of dependent premiums.
- Healthy, organic lunch and dinner every day, customized to your diet preferences.
- Up to $10K for your desk and computer setup, however you think best.
- Work in sunny Union City, California! Our office is 60 seconds from BART and public transportation, and adjacent to a beautiful park.
- We do something fun and active as a team every day, like soccer, volleyball, badminton, or frisbee!
- Executive and life coaching for everyone. Select between different coaches, depending on what types of skills you want to develop.
- Once a year, we take the entire company (including +1s and kids) on an all-expense-paid, weeklong vacation. Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

To learn more and apply, visit http://www.vicariousinc.com/

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