[Comp-neuro] Postdoctoral positions open at the Circuit Dynamics and Computation Lab in the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme in Lisbon, Portugal

Alfonso Renart arenart73 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 17:01:47 CEST 2012

Applications for highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals are sought
for two postdoctoral position openings in the Circuit Dynamics and
led by Alfonso Renart at the Champalimaud Neuroscience
Programme, in Lisbon, Portugal. The lab is interested in identifying
generic principles governing the dynamics of cortical circuits and the way
in which they produce function

The work will take place in the context of a collaborative project "The
mechanistic basis of working memory in prefrontal cortical circuits" funded
by the Human Frontier Research Project which also involves the labs of Paul
Chadderton <http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/people/p.chadderton> (Imperial
College London, London) and Sebastian
Royer<http://cfc.wci.re.kr/english/viewtopic.php?t=383>(Center for
Functional Connectomics, Seoul, Korea). The overall goal of the
project is to combine state of the art techniques for recording and
manipulating neural activity during behavior and theoretical analysis, in
order to establish the dynamical basis of memory traces holding information
about external events. One of the positions will be for
modeling/data-analysis and the other one for performing population
recordings in awake-behaving mice.

The modeling/data-analysis position is targeted to the study of
non-stationary memory traces. We would like to understand generic
principles for producing time-varying patterns of activity in neuronal
circuits, and to quantify the temporal evolution of activity from large
populations of simultaneously recorded neurons. Experience in modeling of
recurrent neural circuits and in machine learning techniques for extracting
structure from high-dimensional data will be highly valued.

The experimental position is targeted to the recording and optical
manipulation of population activity in the prefrontal cortex of awake
behaving mice. Candidates with experience on in-vivo electrophysiology,
ideally in awake behaving rodents, and/or optogenetics are encouraged to

Interested candidates should send applications (cover letter, CV and
contact information of references) to alfonso.renart at neuro.fchampalimaud.org.
Openings are available immediately and applications will be accepted until
the positions are filled.

The Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme
<http://neuro.fchampalimaud.org/>(CNP) aims at establishing links
between nervous system function of
behavior. Our scientific goals are represented by the full intellectual
scope of the scientists of the
The CNP aspires to help scientists to reach their full creative potential
and to promote collective achievements beyond those reachable by individual
scientists or laboratory groups through cooperation and exchange but
without sacrificing independence and diversity of thought. The institute is
located at the beautiful waterfront of Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon offers a
sunny Atlantic-Mediterranean climate, affordable cost of living, and
vibrant culture, with good public transportation, international schools and
convenient housing options both within and outside the city center.

English is the official language of the institute.


Alfonso Renart, PhD

Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown
Av. Brasília s/n (Doca de Pedrouços)
1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal
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